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Paul Weyland has quirky wit and a wealth of knowledge. You can tap into it for free right here on his blog.

Advertising Budgets

Catering to the Bottom-Feeders

Look at all of the small businesses out there that only advertise when they have sales. “20 Percent Off! 30 Percent Off!” Many of them will spend 97 percent of their advertising budgets going after the worst, most disloyal three percent that would only buy if your client’s prices were the absolute lowest available.

Radio Advertising

Dealing with Doctors Who Don’t Like Advertising

Many doctors and dentists feel that radio or television advertising “cheapens” their professions and that it is beneath them to promote their skills. Yet at the same time, these same medical professionals have no problem advertising in the Yellow Pages or in those little magazines you only see in doctors' offices.

Radio Advertising

Regional Banks and Credit Unions

The Midwestern bank manager was eager to learn new ways to attract customers. I asked her if it was true that she was an expert in finding ways to solve people’s biggest financial problems. She lit up. She began filling my ears with real examples of how she helps people solve money problems every single day.

Radio Advertising

RV Having Fun Yet?

I recently met with an RV dealer in Southern Minnesota. He had been considering using radio small-market radio stations to sell his RVs. He had used radio before in larger markets and was skeptical about his results.

Local Direct Business

The Tormented Lives of the Squirrel Chasers

I understand that squirrel-sized accounts can sometimes turn into medium-sized accounts and medium-sized accounts can turn into big accounts. But often they don’t. Many just stay the same, driving you crazy as you chase after them while they chase their own tails in a hypnotic but downward spiraling pattern.

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