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Paul has been using these reliable techniques for years and they have proven invaluable.


No one wants to listen to a dry presentation. Paul is hilarious, which makes listening fun.


Hundreds of Positive Reviews

Paul has hundreds of positive reviews attesting to his brilliance. They can’t all be wrong.

Current Talks

To Sell the Truth with Paul Weyland

Like it says on the University of Texas tower, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

In this session, Paul Weyland shows you how to develop a long-term local direct campaign that advertisers simply cannot resist.

Why? Because Paul teaches you how to sell an advertising strategy that mirrors the client’s own sales methods in his own business. Mirrors don’t lie. No more disclaimers. No more cliche commercials that don’t work. No more tired on-air promos either.

Then Weyland shows you how to wrap up an annual budget three to four times higher than what the client thinks he should be spending, based on his own numbers. Even veteran sellers say that this session will radically and forever change the way you sell local direct.

And because this is a Paul Weyland session you will laugh until the makeup is running down your cheeks and your face hurts.

How to Get Local Direct Salespeople to Do What You Want Them to Do with Paul Weyland

This session is designed for especially for broadcast station owners and managers.

Paul Weyland shows you ways to better manage your local direct sales team with proven strategies designed to produce more long-term commitments at rate card. In this session you will learn:

  • Why we’re back at rates from the 1980s and how to drive spot prices back up where they belong
  • How to turn whiners into problem solvers
  • How to turn ordinary salespeople into creative geniuses in the eyes of their clients
  • How get your sellers to ask for weekly budgets in the same amounts they would normally ask for per month

Because this is a Paul Weyland session not only will you learn great new stuff you can use the next day, but you’ll also be thoroughly entertained.

Think like an Adman and Sell like a Madman with Paul Weyland

According to advertising industry insiders, the average consumer is now being inundated with five thousand commercial impressions a day.

Unfortunately, your key decision maker is one of those consumers and your sales call is just one of those five thousand impressions.

Is your sales message breaking through the clutter and attracting your customer’s attention or does he or she just see you as another piece of Human Spam?

In this provocative and humorous talk, speaker, author and University lecturer Paul Weyland reveals “Deep-Sell” marketing and advertising secrets and shows you how to apply them to your sales message.

By utilizing these simple advertising concepts you’ll cut through the clutter to get more appointments with important decision makers, dazzle them with the best proposals and presentations they’ve ever seen and capture their hearts, minds and budgets.

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