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According to advertising industry insiders, the average consumer is now being inundated with five thousand commercial impressions a day. Unfortunately, your key decision maker is one of those consumers and your sales call is just one of those five thousand impressions. Is your sales message breaking through the clutter and attracting your customer’s attention or does he or she just see you as another piece of Human Spam?

Just a quick note of appreciation for your participation in the Industry’s 2003 Conference. The Power Breakfast was a hit and a great start to our program, and we thank you for providing an informative and fun address to our members and associates. We have had very positive feedback. We had a very busy couple of days but we’re very pleased with the end result. The industry was very appreciative of the time you took to participate in our conference.

Joan Warner

Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Radio Australia

First, I would like to tell you thank you for the great seminar back on December 5 in Austin. I so enjoyed it! I just wanted to tell you that I used your 5 step call method. And, I actually got to the 5th step, where I apologize for offending them and all that good stuff! Just when I was about to FIRE THEM, I got a call within minutes. We set up an appointment and I got the account with a one year contract! Yeah!!!!! I never would have gotten it without your method! Thank you very much!

Debra Gonzales

It was great speaking with you today. I am anxious to here the commercials for furniture.com and the Jewelry store. As I mentioned to you, our staff got a great deal out of your session. It was very entertaining and very practical. Whenever we go to a seminar I evaluate its value by the number of new ideas we walk away with. I always suggest to our team that if they each take a way one good idea an hour it is a success. After the session we all went out to lunch and debriefed. I’m happy to tell you that between all of us (four people), we have more than twelve actionable ideas that we can use immediately. Thanks Paul, a Huge success!

Michael Mallace

General Manager, Sierra H Broadcasting

Those of you who have hired Paul Weyland to do a Sales Seminar already know how GREAT he is. Those of you who haven’t hired him yet … you’re missing the boat! We’ve all had speakers who make us look good … but Weyland will make you look like a “superhero”. His performance, and the positive comments you’ll get from Managers and Sellers alike, will make you blush. During one of the breaks at the Portland seminar yesterday, I heard one of the Sellers tell his friend, “This guy’s so damn good, I’m not even playing games on my Palm Pilot.”

Bill Johnstone

Executive Director, Oregon Association of Broadcasters

Thanks so much for a great seminar. I’ve heard TONS of great comments. People really enjoyed you! I think they really appreciate the humor you incorporate since most seminars can get very boring and dry! I’ve had lots of people ask me when the first session of E-Lessons will be coming….so they are obviously hungry for more Paul Weyland. Thanks again….it was good seeing you.

Laura Grott

President, Wyoming Association of Broadcasters

It was a real pleasure meeting you at Promax Arabia in Dubai last week. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing session you gave which was so true and to the point. You opened our eyes to thing we seem to have forgot or neglected and thought didn’t matter any more…but what you said was so true and relevant, it was inspirational. Hope we can meet again some time soon.

Waleed Al-Temimi

Senior Graphic Designer, Abu Dhabi TV

Paul Kelley

General Manager, WCRB Boston, MA

I want to thank you for taking the time to come to Iowa in the winter no less, to be a part of our 2004 Mid-Winter Meeting. Your seminar was terrific! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I continue to hear excellent comments about your session. You were successful at interjecting fun into the day, while providing our members with very useful and much needed information… thanks for a job well done! It was a pleasure meeting and working with you, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again in the future. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents with the broadcasters of Iowa.

Sue Toma

Executive Director, Iowa Broadcasters Association

Well, congratulations. The topic at the water cooler this morning was potential prospects for your “Direct Selling Step by Step” program. Each salesperson was excited, enthusiastic and dare I say “evangelical” about what they had learned. Thanks for all your help and motivation. Need an evangelist? Have them call me!

Kent Murphy

Sales Manager, WSLT-RM Augusta Georgia

Jonathan Bergman

Paul Weyland breaks all the rules, but that is what is required in selling today. His system for selling and involving advertisers by controlling creative makes this a must read book. Every station should buy copies for all their sellers and clients. It is that good.

Eric Rhoads

Publisher, Radio Ink

Just a quick note of thanks for a great great seminar this morning. I am so glad I brought my staff to see you. I only wish it was 3 days long!!!! “You Have To Make It Happen”

Tom McAuliffe II

President, WMRC-First Class Radio Milford, MA

Thank you again for the great job you did at our convention in Hot Springs. We’ve heard nothing but positive comments about your seminar. Several broadcasters said you were the best sales trainer they had ever heard. Others praised your presentation as “down-to-earth, practical and very useful in day-to-day selling.” We’ve had several calls saying, “Get him back as soon as you can….he’s great!”From a personal standpoint, you were a joy to work with. Some speakers are difficult to deal with when it comes to travel arrangements and accommodations but not you! Our seminar location was very inconvenient from a travel standpoint, and I really appreciate your patience and understanding. Thanks again.

Jim McCall

Executive Director, Arkansas Broadcasters Association

…the seminars were a HUGE!! success. Enjoyed spending time with you and look forward to seeing you again!

Louise Munson

Executive Director, Louisiana Association of Broadcasters

Paul, Thank you so much for your great presentation at our conference. As always, you were a hit with our members. I think you are the only trainer who has returned several times to the OAB, and every time, you hit the ball out of the park. You are a real treasure — not only do you deliver incredibly valuable advice, but you put on a terrific performer as well. I am grateful for all you do!!! Thanks again for everything, Paul! Hope to see you at Radio Show!

Christine H. Merritt

President, Ohio Association of Broadcasters

Whit Adamson

President, Tennessee Association of Broadcasters

I believe that it was last year that Paul Weyland was invited to spend 20-30 minutes with us at NASBA. Based on that meeting, and many of your comments, I hired him. We spent yesterday in Billings and tomorrow we’ll be in Missoula. He was a great “find” courtesy of NASBA. If you haven’t used Paul yet (hell, maybe I’m the last guy on the list) DO IT! The most positive comments ever for a sales clinic. Most of the comments were along the lines of “I don’t know where you found him, but he’s the best we’ve ever had…” And, of course, I found him through you.

Greg MacDonald

President and CEO, Montana Broadcasters Association

Just wanted to drop you a short email to say thank you for your entertaining and candid presentation at IRF08. It was so refreshing to hear it as it is rather than the traditional by the numbers slides, rehashing old presentations into new presentations of the same basic crap we hear year in and year out that we all should know anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed your insights into the broadcast sales, thank you for finishing off a day on such a positive for me. I now look forward to receiving my copy of “Successful Local Broadcast Sales™” from Amazon so I can get into it. I hope it is as frank and fresh as your presentation was.

Michael Paul

CEO, International Traffic Network Victoria, Australia

I want to be like you when I grow up. Your presentation was fantastic and reflected your passion for a tough topic marked by just the right note of seriousness, energy and humor. All of this wrapped up into one speech delivered in a limited time period. WOW. I knew you would be an enormous hit and you were. I’ll stay in touch.

Carolyn Wilkins

Director Television Department, National Association of Broadcasters

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