Rather than useful information that consumers need to know, most broadcast commercials are filled with meaningless clichés that no one wants to hear. Today’s consumers don’t like being “sold” but they don’t mind being informed. Here are some talking points that listeners/viewers might like to learn from some of your clients.

Kitchen Remodelers- (Gross margin of profit for remodeler 25-30 %. Average sale on a kitchen remodel $25,000-$30,000)

What’s the most popular, most used room in the house? The kitchen. The kitchen is the “heart and soul” of most homes. Too bad it’s not your heart…your soul. You would have never picked those cabinets and countertops. Those aren’t the appliances you would have chosen. Call us and let’s make it your kitchen…your heart…your soul.

Furniture stores- (Gross margin of profit 42-44 %, average sale $850-$1,200)

When you come home and look at the furniture in your house…does that represent the taste and style you’ve evolved to today…or does it represent the person you used to be 15 years ago? Maybe one new piece of furniture could be the cheapest remodel you could do for a room.

Transmission shop- (Gross margin of profit after labor 45-50 %. Average sale $1,500)

You go to the doctor for a physical but you ignore one of the most critical parts of your vehicle, your transmission…until it’s too late. New transmissions can cost $3,500. So don’t wait until it needs replacement. Fluid needs changing. The transmission needs cleaning. If your vehicle is slipping out of gear and the engine runs at high RPMs without any power you need to come in now. If the transmission is leaking you need to come in now.

Sewing Center- (Gross margin of profit 45-50 %, average sale, $80-$100.)

Making your own clothes is so satisfying, especially with the wide range of designer patterns now available. Instead of trying to conform to the sizes provided by department stores, you can sew to fit your own body. New machines are absolutely amazing. For younger people, you can’t be a fashion designer if you don’t sew. You can’t be a costume designer for film or theater if you don’t sew.

Hot Tub/Spa- (Gross margin of profit 30-40 %, average sale $4,000-$5,000.)

Spas provide pharmaceutical free pain relief. Spas relieve muscle and arthritic pain. They relieve stress and help you get a better night’s sleep. Spas bring relationships back together again. In many states, a doctor’s prescription for a spa means you pay no sales tax.

Health and Fitness Facility for Middle-aged People- (Gross margin of profit 60-70 % after the cost of labor. Average sale $1,200-$1,500 per year.)

Join a gym and remain independent longer. Regular exercise boosts strength, flexibility, balance, motor skills, and self-confidence, meaning you will be much more likely to live at home longer and avoid having to move to an expensive assisted living center.

Heating and Air-(Gross margin of profit 50 %, average sale $3,500 between repairs and new installation)

If your system is more than 12 years old it’s probably living on borrowed time. You don’t wait until your car dies before you get a new one, why do you wait until your heating or cooling system fails before you get a new one? Avoid surprise emergencies by planning ahead to get a newer, more efficient one. The only good news when your system goes out is the new one is likely to be twice as efficient, cutting your electric bill in half. New systems have variable fan speeds which means they last longer. New systems allow you to program your temperature remotely, from your cell phone. Newer systems have bigger filters that trap more dust, dust mites and their fecal matter, molds, mildews, animal dander, dead skin cells, and even large bacteria.

When your clients realize that your plan for their success is better than theirs, they’ll turn over the keys and let you drive. Do their marketing and advertising thinking for them and win their confidence.